Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring Flings

Guess where I am going this weekend? Duke University! My brother Brock is graduating from Duke's International MBA program and several of us are making the trip to see him graduate. I'm excited to see the beautiful campus, Cameron Indoor Stadium, the gorgeous North Carolina countryside and eat some barbecue. I'm so proud of Brock (and Adam and Michelle who also graduated with MBAs from Duke) and I'm excited to applaud him as he reaches this milestone. 

Then I am headed for a few days to visit my friend in Kentucky. Time to chat and cook and squeeze her kids and relax. I hope. I hope there is some really good relaxing that takes place over the next few days. At least the change of pace, the change of scenery and the new experiences that will envelop me and refresh me. 

Here's hoping for a good weekend. 


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