Monday, July 21, 2008

Bamboo Rugs and Rearranging

I live in a rather small apartment that's about 500 square feet. I actually really enjoy it and think of it as my faux New York apartment--you know, tiny, utilitarian, but oh-so-fabulous.

The apartment though has several design challenges. The main room is long and narrow, the floor is orange tile (not my favorite color) and each room is pretty small.

On the plus side, it has a bedroom, study, and storage room, as well as big windows and a great patio. The challenge is to make it warm, inviting and comfortable. 

Well, I think I'm starting to get there. At least I'm laying a good foundation. The details and finishing touches will come later. In the meantime, here is some of the foundation work. 

I bought a bamboo rug to help define my seating area. I put two of them side by side to cover the space underneath my table, chairs, and couch. I've been craving bamboo floors in my little place so this bamboo rug is a great find. 

The wicker chairs are new as well. They anchor my most recent infatuation--my dining room table. I got this table on New Year's Eve from a neighbor that was going to haul it away. She had purchased it for $10 at a garage sale years before and now she was moving and didn't want it any more. When I saw the table I nearly passed out. It was exactly what I wanted. I don't know that I could have purchased anything brand new that is more perfect for me. I LOVE this table. It is banged up, scratched, dented and beautiful. I feel lucky that it came my way (kudos to my brother-in-law, Spencer, for thinking of me when he was asked to haul it away for our neighbor). 

And don't worry too much about the doors behind the chairs. The one to the right goes to a storage room that is the landlady's and I have no access to it. I'm thinking of hanging a curtain in front of it to camouflage it. The other door goes to my little storage room or utility room that houses my boxes, vacuums, tools, dish storage and pantry.  I can still get in and out of it with ease. 

This shot shows better the long, narrow aspect of the room. And you can see the rearranging that we did on Saturday. The couch used to be against the far wall where the yellow chair is now and the yellow chair was where the table is now. We swapped everything and I am much, much happier with the results because I now have a decent seating area where I can visit with people and not yell across the room at them, as was the case with my last arrangement. 

It's not finished but I'm headed in the right direction. And like I said the next step is details--art work, photos, throw pillows, etc. Any thoughts on what those details should be? I'd love to hear your input. Maybe with your help, I can actually get it finished. 


Christine said...

It looks so cute. I'm really going to stop by one of these days. I'm not good with detail either, so I won't share any ideas.

[Julie R] said...

Eden, I love it. The changes you made really transformed it. I barely recognized the pictures. You've done a great job. Have you ever thought about putting a bookcase in front of that door that is never used? That thought just popped into my head as I was reading. I think it could work. Pops of color would be fun to see in pillow and art work. You are on the right track. Be sure to post pics.

L & H & Q & E said...

I'm so glad you posted these photos so I can see where you live. (Always helps to know a person better, you know.) It all looks cute and I would love to see it in person and talk details with you!

Eden said...

Christine--yes, you really need to come by some time. I have room for everyone to sit down. I would love to see you.

Julie--I had not thought about a bookcase, but I like the idea. Also, you and I are on the same track with pops of color. That is my plan with the art and throw pillows. I'm thinking red? I'll have to experiment. I certainly love the vibe this transformation is giving the room. I'll keep posting as I make more changes.

H--Yes, it is nice to see where someone lives. And now that I'm feeling more at ease with the set up, I want you to stop by. Come by walking one evening and we will drink lemonade on the patio.

Lori Sume said...

Hey Eden, hope it is okay that i look at your blog every once in a while. I love your writing style. Just something about it is so inviting and I love the humor in it too. I could totally see you writing books. But maybe you already are. I connected to your blog through Christine's. BTW, your 4 nephews and niece are adorable in those bright red soccer uniforms.

Eden said...

Lori--I'm thrilled you would come by and I welcome any one who flatters me by reading. And I love comments so chat away. The more, the merrier. Books and writing are a passion for me, so my blog is a way of getting to those places.

L & H & Q & E said...

Just thought I'd tell you that when I was looking at this post the other day, the baby cried and I left it up on the computer while I tended to her. Luke saw the post and said, "A neighbor moved? What neighbor moved? And why didn't they call me about that table? I love it! I want it!"

Lori Sume said...

Hey Eden, I love your new white dishes! so beautiful. And I am glad you don't mind me looking at your blog. in fact i may add it to my blogs on my website so i can keep up better on your entries. hope that is okay.

I have a blog but it is very random in thoughts and

Eden said...

H--I love that Luke liked the table. I knew he had class.

Lori--I'm checking out your blog now. Thanks for being a friend and commenting. And that is kind of you to add me to your blogroll.


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