Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Future of this Blog

I have loved my little spot here in the blogging universe. I have written about family, friends, my life, my thoughts, my future, etc. It has made me happy to be here.

What I have never loved is not knowing where I was going with this blog. It has always been a place to share my thoughts on a wide variety of topics but recently, I have wanted to focus on one or two major topics. Namely health and food. But I don't want to give up this spot in the universe even though I have not been blogging regularly the past six months. So, expect to see at least one post a month here for now. Occasional. Sporadic. Meandering. Totally my speed on this blog.

In the future, I will be blogging more regularly at Eden's Garden of Health where I will post recipes, menu plans and focus many of my thoughts on health and wellness.

This blog now has a purpose for me. It is my blog of love. My place to write my heart's thoughts and my love of literature, art, friends and family.

Thanks for being patient as I sorted through the details.


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