Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dinner Party To-do List

What must be done to get ready for dinner party
  1. paint bathroom
  2. install new faucet
  3. install new light
  4. hang 2 new towel rods
  5. buy new bed spread
  6. 2 new rugs
  7. 2 new chairs
  8. move out old desk
  9. clean oven
  10. hang curtain rods and curtains
  11. rearrange most of furniture
  12. install new outdoor light
  13. sweep patio
  14. buy new pads for outdoor furniture
  15. purchase new dishes
  16. set table
  17. cook fabulous meal
  18. look fabulous too
  19. schedule nervous breakdown for after dinner party
  20. only cry once an hour during day of dinner party
  21. camouflage new paint smell in house with 1 bucket of Febreeze
  22. have allergic reaction to mixture of Febreeze with new paint smell
  23. open all windows to air out house from killer allergic mixture
  24. lose all of cold air to outdoors
  25. sweat to death in new outfit while finishing meal as windows are opened and house airs out
  26. pull cupcakes out of oven at last minute while sweat is pooling at my feet, cupcakes now taste like Febreeze/new paint mixture
  27. move party out of doors so we can all sweat rivers together and not be overcome by new paint smell
  28. die a little inside as party goes down in stunning flames
  29. light some candles, focus on guests, eat remaining edible food while swatting at moths the size of dump trucks
  30. enjoy conversation at dinner table and remember that the most important part of this whole event is sitting right there in front of you
  31. feed cupcakes to moths 
  32. plan next dinner party 
Some of this really happened. Some is from my nightmare. I will let you decide which is which. 


Aunt Mary Jane said...

What a crack up!! Wish I could have been there.

de la Hoz Family said...

ugh, that was funny. Ya know, for future referance. A bucket filled with water left in a painted room overnight will do wonders for the smell.


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