Monday, March 24, 2008

Paper Pansy

Absolutely loving a website I just discovered called It does my heart good just to look at it. I especially love their section on paper clutter. Yep, that is me, a desperate little paper clutterer if there ever was one.

My mother raised eight children in an super-orderly home (she's got a touch of OCD). She was ruthless about divesting her surroundings of junk (or semi-junk, or things that may be loved by a child but considered junk by an adult) and would regularly do things like go through my closet and trash anything and everything but my absolute favorite toys and clothes. I think I developed a rather hardy nature as a result and don't feel a lot of attachment to things (at least I would like to continue to believe this about myself, so don't try to dissuade me).

But paper? Well, paper and I have a love affair.

Give me a large desk space with a computer, printer (very important piece of equipment) and nary a paper on it and within 4.3 seconds flat, I can have towering paper piles the likes of which would dwarf the leaning-loving inhabitants of Pisa.

Yes, I'm a treasure. And my heart is given to paper.

The digital world may be my one great escape from this increasingly overwhelming habit. At least that is what this post is leading me to believe.

Oh, I believe! I believe!


Meg said...

I'm reading this post as my computer is almost slipping onto my lap due to so many piles my desk...I hear ya sister. I'll have to check out that blog.

L&H&Q said...

I think your mother and I attack cleaning in a similar purge style!


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