Monday, June 1, 2009

She's Growing Up

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that these are Cassie's senior photos that Megan took. She's quite the photographer.

My baby sister graduated from high school last week. I can barely believe it. She was born when I was a teenager and she was a baby that was wanted and hoped for and prayed for in our family. 

My dad went to law school when he was forty years old and when I was just starting junior high. My parents had seven children when they went back to school and they had very busy lives. I remember though begging my mom to have another baby. I had one sister but I wanted another and in my naivete, I just assumed that all mom and dad had to do was decide to have another baby. I didn't understand how much another child adds loads of responsibility and time and care to their lives. 

Shortly after Dad graduated from law school, I had a birthday. A couple of weeks before my birthday, my mom started laying hints for me about what an incredible birthday present she had for me. As a teenager, my mind went a bit wild. What was I getting? A car? Some furniture? A bunch of new clothes? I was so convinced that this present was really big that I wouldn't go out to the garage for a couple of weeks just in case I stumbled upon my fabulous little red convertible that Mom and Dad were stashing away for me in there. 

A few days before my birthday I was home sick from school. Some time that day my mom came in to my room and told me she couldn't take it any longer and she was going to give me my birthday present early. Then she told me she was six weeks pregnant. 

I burst into tears I was so happy. 

The following June, Cassie joined our family. She was the eighth child, the third girl and so, so wanted. We were all so thrilled with her arrival. She's been a joy and a pleasure since then. I know she gets a hard time because she is the youngest and she didn't grow up on the farm or suffer through the hard years of law school and Dad's early years as an attorney. But I think she is only teased about that because they can't find anything else to tease her about. What would we do without Cassie? Mom says she has kept them young and full of life and vigor. I say aren't we lucky?

Happy Birthday, baby sister. 


Beverly said...

I love Cassie!! You are lucky, for sure!!

Eric and Rozanne said...

I feel bad that Cassie is the only one that I haven't ever known. She is beautiful! How lucky you are to have her as a sister! I wanted a baby sister too, but my mom just kept having boys! :)

Julie said...

there's something special about the youngest...everyone loves them best!
great post!

Rus said...

Love you spook. Can't believe you're leaving the nest.

Cissy said...

Amen to all of that, Eden. She's a keeper.

Goose said...

I would really be feeling sorry for Ralph & Jamie becoming "empty nesters" but since all the family lives within a 2 mile radius....

Carissa Rasmussen said...

Those pics really are stunning!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Eden for this. Cassie you are so beautiful inside and out. You have also been such a sweet, kind person. I love you!


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