Friday, June 15, 2012

Moving House

A change is coming. 

I've loved my time in my tiny little apartment. The Sundays playing with kids, the kitchen experiments, all the little home improvements (thanks to my brothers and my mom who have been my helpers). I've loved squeezing 40 family members in to my 500 square feet every Christmas for our annual family house tour. I've loved figuring out how to fit my massive number of books into my tiny, sweet study. I've even learned how to make a bed with access to only one side of the bed--the other three sides are up against a wall (yes, my room is THAT small). 

And now it is time to go. I recently received the opportunity to manage a condo complex a few miles away from my cozy family neighborhood. My new place is in a neighboring town and only 5 minutes away but it will bring change into my life with new neighbors and new friends. 

It is bittersweet. Of course, I will miss all the loveliness of my little place but I am excited for the opportunities around the corner. I don't move for a few more weeks, but some of the crazy things that I am looking forward to? Cooking on a gas stove, having room for TWO couches in my living room, room for a dining table that seat eight people and many other small luxuries. My time in Pear Tree Hill has been happy. And I am excited about this upcoming bend in the road.

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