Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Health and the Creative Life

In my focus on designing a creative life, health comes up a lot for me.

I think central to all creativity is wholeness and wellness. I think it is hard to think about living my best life, my best creative life when I'm not feeling well emotionally or physically. And good health doesn't seem to just happen--it requires study, thought, physical exertion, and really good food.

So, I want all of those topics to be part of designing a creative life. I have a really strong bent in my health research to go for all things natural, whole and fresh. And I say that with a big, fat grain of salt. (preferably the less processed sea salt or kosher salt, if I can choose that grain of salt)

For while I may be a great supporter of good health, I'm not a great practicioner of it. In fact as in most things in my life, my intellect seems far in advance of my actions. I'm always behind.

I think though despite the far lengths that I have to travel on the road of good health, it can only help me to talk and explore the topic and my preferences and biases within it.

I've thought of diverting all my writings on health to another blog, but for now I decided to just keep it all in one place. Maybe if my entries become overly saturated with all things health, I will do that. For now, don't be shocked if you see several topics crop up that captivate my attention on the health front.

Maybe all this writing will also improve my actions. I can only hope. :)

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