Sunday, May 11, 2008

May Day, May Days

The early days of May are a little crazy in my family. I call it "birthday season" and I have to prepare weeks ahead. :) Between May 1st and May 8th we have no less than SEVEN important events. Here is the breakdown

May 2nd: Brock's birthday
May 3rd: Granddad Rasmussen's birthday
May 5th: Grandma Jesperson's birthday
May 5th: Brock and Julie's anniversary
May 6th: Matthew's (nephew) birthday
May 8th: Rus's birthday
May 8th: Tami's birthday

Then there is Mother's Day that always falls within a few days of this week of birthdays. It is one continual round of partying.

This Sunday the boys and Dad all cooked dinner at my parents' house and did the clean up for Mother's Day. Mom made dessert for Rus and Tami's birthdays (strawberry pie and peppermint cheesecake--mmmmm!). We celebrated Matthew's birthday last Sunday (and would have celebrated Brock's too if he was in town) and next Sunday we will celebrate Michelle's birthday. It just means we get to eat lots of cake during these weeks and I'm all for more cake.

Besides all of these celebrations, I seem to be surrounded by new mothers. In the last three weeks, three of my friends have given birth to little girls and I've attended two baby showers for two more new mothers. Two other friends are both due to deliver in the next couple of weeks. That is SEVEN women I know who have or are giving birth to little girls in the span of six weeks. It has been fun to be literally swimming in sweet baby clothes as I get ready for each of these events.

And from now on, I'm blacking out the first two weeks of May on my calendar. I'm just going to title that time PARTY CENTRAL and eat as much cake as I want when that time comes around.


Macy Mauerman said...

Hey! That sounds like fun. We also have a birthday in May and our Anniversary. I love May! If only the weather would cooperate!

L&H&Q said...

Definitely Eat Cake!


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