Friday, June 6, 2008

Denmark: The Overview

Fanefjord Kirke on the island of Mon where Hans Jorgen was christened in the 1800s.

I kept a travel journal while I was away and I'm detailed if I'm anything so that travel journal is not yet completed. I have notes for every day that we were in Denmark and I've almost completed writing about each day. I wanted this journal to be more detailed than the journal I kept on our trip to England and France in 2004. When I reread that journal I was happy that I kept a detailed schedule of what we did, but I wanted even more regarding my reactions to certain places or events. What I've found with this journal is that there may be such a thing as too much detail.

I've already started writing about this trip by the day, so I'm going to continue to do that. Be warned there are 12 days of our vacation and I've got information on ALL OF THEM. It's going to be a Denmark-palooza around here, so if you must, don't return for a week or two until I get over my fondness for this subject. Mostly, I plan to stick to highlights, but don't be surprised if I go off on a tangent or two.

There are stories of:

lost luggage and the importance of duct tape,

the beauty of Denmark's breakfasts and their relationship to Dad saving each of us HUNDREDS of dollars,

Dad, Mom, Cissy breakfasting at the Kong Arthur in Copenhagen

how utterly, incredibly gorgeous the architecture is in Denmark,
our bus tour in the New Haven area of Copenhagen

where my dad's family came from

where my mom's family came from

the scary ability of one little word to provide hours and hours and hours of entertainment,

who really was our Comedy Central time and time again

whose personality really came flying out,

the enormous fun it was to see where my dad had actually preached the gospel

and the growth of the church in the land of the Danes,

who did the most kissing on this trip,

and who did the most sleeping, naturally,

and why I already miss the beauty of all of it.

It really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that wouldn't have been the same without all 16 of us present.

In front of the chapel in Roskilde on Sunday, June 1st. This is the all 16 of us on the trip. This is also the day before we left Denmark.

All I can say is "tak for mad," which in my very poor translation means


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Rus said...

Ok, you win. You're officially nominated to put together the trip DVD :-).

ChefChristine said...

I want more more more!!! We now need all the stories behind each of those pictures. When would you like to come over for dinner?

Goose said...

Glad you're back. I'm looking forward to your trip entries. I can at least enjoy Denmark vicariously.

mostwanted said...

"Tak for mad" actually means "Thanks for dinner" (or litterally, "thanks for food"). It's part of the typical "tak for mad"/"velbekommen" exchange of words after a meal.

If you want to say "Thank you very, very much", you should say "mange, mange tak" or "tusind tak" :-)


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