Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Slideshow Sample

Okay, okay. So, I'm taking a long time to get each day posted of our great Danish trip. Let's just say that I'm a bit detail-oriented and each blog entry seems to take me hours longer than I expected.

In an effort to ease that pain and to give those of you who are only interested in a more cursory overview of the trip a less laborious experience, I've pulled together a few pictures of the highlights. Or the highlights as I see them.

Hope you enjoy!

(Hint: You can click on the slideshow and open the album if you want to see larger photos or read the captions more easily.)


L&H&Q&E said...

Do you know how to make the slideshow move slower? I'm interested in the photos *and* the captions, but it's moving really fast!

Eden said...

Yes, if you click on the slideshow it will should open up to the album and you can peruse it at your leisure. Tell me if it works for you.

Goose said...

Just great Eden. Loved it.


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