Friday, April 11, 2008

Cheeky Chub

Meg took great pictures this last weekend when my family was all gathered at my parents' house for LDS conference. Check out many more photos on Meg's site. One of my favorite moments was several of the little girls were crowded around baby Elle. Elle was loving all the attention and laughing.

That is until Gaby grabbed her cheeks (see photo below). Elle wasn't so sure what was going on.

Gaby was so overcome with love for Elle that she didn't seem to know what to do with it. She just had to squeeze her. So she grabbed Elle's yummy little cheeks and squeezed.

My grandmother used to do something similar to me whenever she was passing out a stick of gum from her purse. The price for that piece of gum was letting Grandmother grab one of my cheeks and squeeze. I'd walk away with a piece of gum and rubbing my cheek to recover from that squeeze. The gum was always worth it to me, so I'd chance the momentary pain it might induce.

I don't believe Gaby's little squeeze hurt Elle, I just think it surprised her. I mean who could resist cheeks like these?

What was the best though is what Gaby said to her. She grabbed her cheeks and squeezed and said:

Her chubby.

Yes. Her is chubby. Gloriously, deliciously, supremely baby-chubby. You simply can't resist how yummy she is.

I just wish the getting-your-cheeks-squeezed stage still applied to me. The chub and the cheeks simply aren't as adorable in the over-thirty crowd.


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Kristin said...

Yeah! I am so glad you left your blog address on the family website! I love reading your are so good at it. I am escited to go back and read through your other posts


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