Monday, April 14, 2008

I Like Close Ups

This weekend I was around Meg and Meg's camera. Thank yooooooooo, Meg.

And thank you, you beautiful, beautiful camera. I love you. If you were human, I would take you on a date because I've fallen in love.

I think the most addictive part of her camera is that it goes "click, click, click" so quickly that I can take like 20 pictures a minute. My theory on taking photos is very simple: the more you take, the greater likelihood you will end up with a good photo.

So, I took 400 pictures and ended up with a couple that I liked. Then, I played around a little in Photoshop and came away with some that made me smile. Meg was my favorite subject because she was always close at hand when I was using her camera.

And happily, she was very willing to let me snap dozens and dozens of photos of her. The picture above is one of my favorites and it was one of the first photos I took. It just has a certain "Megness" that I love.

Look at her big blue eyes.

Meg enjoying the new trampoline they got for their family. I got her laughing out loud on this one.

This photography thing is addictive. Funny enough, Meg was the first subject who ever got me interested in photography years ago. One afternoon when she was fourteen, I asked her to pose for several photos because there was something about her, something that felt fleeting and tentative and brand-new, that I wanted to capture and I didn't know how to do it except to see if it would translate to film. If I can find some of those photos I will post them.

One thing I've learned between now and then?

It really, really, really makes the whole journey much more enjoyable if you have some excellent tools at your disposal.


[Julie R] said...

Eden! I love the second picture...she is so pretty!!

Meg said...

Thanks Jules. LOL!!! (this post is a little embarrassing)


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