Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time to Make Your Voice Heard

Look at the poll on the right. The ice cream votes are winning. Do I need to repeat myself? The ice cream votes are WINNING, people. It seems that ice cream has a magical hold over more people than just good, ol' chocolate. Chocolate. Really, really good chocolate. Hmmmmm. I love chocolate. 

If you want to change the course of history on this site, then hurry up and vote for chocolate! It really is the only sane way to go. Even if you are one of the many people who commented that your favorite is actually chocolate ice cream. I'm going to bet that it is the chocolate part of that equation that makes it so utterly satisfying to you. Hmmmmm. 

I mean ice cream is okay (emphasis on okay). But chocolate . . . chocolate is just simply lovely for a myriad of reasons. It tastes good. It looks good. It is good. And it is an important vital nutrient that should be a part of any healthy daily regimen. And this is all documented, people. Scientific studies have proven this as fact. 

Just remember, I'm all about highlighting important facts to you. So, let's get voting people. Only a few hours left to vote and either chocolate needs to win or someone really needs to convince me that ice cream should be part of your daily healthy regimen. 

And that is going to take some pretty amazing convincing, let me tell you. 


Megan said...

Can I vote twice?

Eden said...

YES!!!! It is completely legal to stuff the voting boxes or vote multiple times.

L & H & Q & E said...

Sorry. I love chocolate -- preferably very, very dark -- but if pressed (in some strange parallel universe where mean people are forcing me to make difficult choices between two loves, very much like a treats version of "Sophie's Choice"), I have to go with ice cream. It's the ultimate comfort food. I'd have to eat a lot of chocolate to enjoy the same feelings of satisfaction and delight that a (too large) serving of ice cream provides. Maybe it's the cold. Or the creaminess. I dunno. But I'm sticking with ice cream.

(We can still be friends.)

Christine said...

I tried to vote twice to counter act my hubbys ice cream vote, but it won't let me. Creamy dark chocolate, you can't go wrong. Maybe I'll go have some now!

Janet said...

So....I made some hot fudge sauce for Brent's b-day yesterday and on a whim dipped a very large strawberry in it this evening and, it was DIVINE. So, even though I prefer Lay's potato chips, here's my chocolate vote. :-)

Flying monkey clan said...

oh no, I didn't get to vote. I vote chocolate, dark chocolate 100% trumps ice cream!!!!!!!


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