Monday, August 30, 2010

Inaugural Summer Ball

Thanks to Megan's persistence and Mom's amazing dedication to the cause, they hosted and pulled off the first Family Summer Ball last week. All 36 of us--adults, teenagers, children and babies were present for the big night. I knew we would have fun but I must say it was MUCH more fun than I expected. We had such a great response to our first family ball that we are already planning next year's big event. 

Mom, of course, outdid herself with all kinds of yummy treats, Julie made all the invitations, cards and labels, Megan found the gorgeous lights and she insisted that this was a fancy ball and we all dressed up in our finest. Rus provided the music and learning to waltz was free! 

Highlight moments for me included:
  • watching the littles dance with each other--Gaby with Daven, Benson with Elle, Jamie Beth with Noah--and then watching brothers dance with sisters and all of them do it so sweetly. The kids really made this party such a blast!
  • seeing all the women show up in sparkly, twinkly dresses and big diamonds. The dressing up was almost as much fun as the dance.
  • watching Mom and Dad cut the rug on the big band dance numbers
  • seeing my brothers out on the dance floor having a really good time
  • wrapping it all up by dancing the electric slide as one big group. 
For all the details and some incredible photography of that night, you must check out my sister-in-law Julie's blog. She took some excellent photos of the night that made it seem magical. 

I can't wait until next year!


Elisa said...

This is such a WONDERFUL idea!! I hope to pull something like this off with my family someday!

Julie said...

lovely post ede. it prompted me to add a few more details to my post. this family i married into is amazing. brock and i were talking on the drive home. I said "your family is a rarity". brock said "i'm starting to see that". ha ha. love you guys.

Kyleen and Brent said...

What a great idea! Looks like it was really fun!

shawni said...

Hi Eden! I just wanted to tell you thank you for your kind comment on my blog and of course you can refer to all the family motto stuff you want. What a fun family it looks like you have! Those pictures of Denmark remind me of the trip my Mom and I took ages ago...such a beautiful place.

Love, Shawni

Abby said...

EDEE!!!! I loved the ball! I think we should have one every Sunday and have everyone wear their fanciest dresses and suits!!! :)


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