Monday, November 8, 2010

What I Want

I know it has been forever since I have written. I have a number of excuses handy about why that is the case but what it comes down to is this: I am mixed up about what to say. I want to say too much and not enough. So, I'm just going to get some of it out on the table. Here's the lowdown lately:

  • Work is going better than it has in a really long time. I feel more organized, I love the sunlight in my office, I like having all of my coworkers together in the same office suite, I like working in a beautiful building. Work is very left-brained for me but it certainly helps my right-brain side when I can work in beauty.
  •  School is busy. Really, really busy. 
  • The weight thing for me is nonstop, constant thing. I don't write about it here. I've written about it some on my other blog and that is for now where most of it is going to stay. 
  • I am the ward newsletter editor right now in my church calling. It is actually a lot like the work I do every day--compiling content, editing it for access, making it palatable and interesting for consumption. I really enjoy getting to interact with lots of people to put the newsletter together. I also like that people seem to enjoy it so much. It makes me really happy. 
  • I have a new niece (Matt and Cissy's little Celia) and two more n&n's are on the way. I certainly enjoy my weekends when I get the chance to spend some time with n&ns. Love those kiddies. Love them to pieces. They make my heart skip with excitement and love. I feel so, so lucky to be near so many of them and to have the chance to share love and cuddles with them. 
Now down to what I want. Between school, work, and my church calling, I spend a lot of time at the computer. My old home computer has been out of commission for at least a year and I've been using a laptop from work at home when I needed it. What I realize more and more is that I need a better set up at home. New computer, a working printer and a scanner. And that is just to get the newsletter done each month. That doesn't count finances, photos, music and all the other personal life organization I like to stay on top of.

So, here is my wish list.

An iMac:

A laser printer:

A Fujitsu ScanSnap:

That is to get my office in working order. If I was really, really rolling in dough, I would add this to the list.

An iPad:
Finally, I heard a rumor that very, very soon Verizon and Apple are going to announce this event: 
Verizon iPhone: 

And that is something that makes me very, very excited. Just call me a Mac fangirl. I am one through and through. 

I know money can't buy happiness--just like you. But it certainly can buy some pretty sweet toys. :)

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The Ashtons said...

I think we are on the same wish list wavelength...I've just thrown in a couple of camera lenses. That's all. Oh yeah and a new house. That's all.


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