Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Catch Up: Fall 2008

Just a little catch up on things this fall. I'm still working on the Denmark posts too. (Don't you remember I told you that I wouldn't finish those until Christmas. See, past Christmas and I'm still working on it.)

Here are some photos that remind me of fun moments in the last few months. 

This is the Sunday of our Primary program. Since several of the n&ns are in the ward, Nana asked them to sing on of her favorite songs from the program for her. And all the Primary-age kids had to join in, even two of our nursery-age babies. 

Side note: I'd name all the kids for you but I keep vacillating between naming them and using their initials because this is a public blog right now. And they are not my children. There's so many of them though that I've had to start numbering their initials like D1 and D2. Maybe I should just give them fake names? Or go with their real names? I'd love some insight here. 

Then this was sleepover night with the girls. G, C, and JB. They were so excited to spend the night and I'm taking advantage of that as long as it lasts. JB had been pestering me for weeks to nail down the day of the sleepover, so we finally settled on a night and had ourselves a total girls' night. 

First, there was the tea party. On my very best tea set. We chatted and ate and pretended we were the finest ladies in the land. I think next time we will add hats and scarves to the mix to really up our style quotient. 

Then we got the beds set up and put on Annie. This is one of my favorite movies from childhood so I love that the girls love it too. Of course, we played with Polly Pockets as well. Then everyone fell asleep snuggled down deep in their sleeping bags. 

The next morning we went to breakfast. Last year, I took JB and G to breakfast when they slept over and that was the part they remembered the most. So, JB told me that this year we had to go out to breakfast and dinner because last year was so much fun. Well, we kept the breakfast tradition but I convinced her to let us start the tea party tradition as well. All in all, I think we had a successful little party. 

And finally, this is Miss E. Or Miss Belle. She and I spent an evening together recently watching Finding Nemo, driving her dashing pink car, playing music, building blocks and reading books. She's a keeper. Full of energy and opinions and fun. She's at a great stage right now where she can communicate through signs and words and this night she started calling me by name. E'ee. That's the version of my name to the toddler crowd. When I saw her the next day she remembered and called me E'ee again. I love this stage when you become recognizable to them.

So, just a few highlights from my photo cache. This helps to remind me that I'm lucky to have all these little people around me.   


Christine said...

They are so darn lucky to have you as an Aunt. They will remember those times with you forever. Moms and Dads are just boring compared to all the fun they have with you. You are so good to them.

Kristin said...

What lucky kiddos! I wish my kids had an aunt like you that lived close enough to do cool things like that with them. And I loved the previous post about the couch. I remember that couch and am so glad that it has such a good new home. It looks great! I love that fabric.

Carissa Rasmussen said...

so precious!! I've been waiting so long to be an aunt just so I can do those kind of things! I'm actually pretty sure I had polly pockets growing up


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