Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The One Where I Reveal My Retroactive Tendencies

I'm doing some clean up on the blog for the new year. Really, I've just been scouring my archives looking at old posts and trying to decide what this year was all about. In the process, I came across several drafts of things that I've written over the past few months that I just had not finished and posted. So, I finished them. Let's just say I was in the mood. I was bitten by the writing bug for a little while. I was in the zone. I was rocking the written word.

I'm so full of it.

I just don't know how else to tell you that I finished up a bunch of unfinished posts and posted them. And I didn't make it easy for anyone. I just posted them to the day they were originally written. Is that cheating? Oh, don't tell me if it is. I like it that way. I have a very big hang-up for all things chronological and I just couldn't handle taking them out of chronological order.

So I'm listing those entries here. For all three of my readers to read. Thank you for attendance at this blog today. You know and I know that it is all about my audience.

Most of these entries are very short. But The Buggy Ride--very, very long. And rather detailed. And the one I'm really looking for some feedback on. Really, I'd love to hear what you think on any of them, but the buggy story--well, let's just say it stewed and stewed in my brain for a long time and I rewrote it and I'm still not sure I got it just right.

Here's to cleaning closets, setting goals for the year, and restarting on our ideal path in life. Housekeeping--even of the blog kind--is exhilarating when it's all done. I hope you find something useful in my purging.


Carissa Rasmussen said...

I read all five and I definitely think the first and last were my favorite. I did not know you were so talented! your prose is beautiful, but the photos are absolutely exquisite!

Eden said...

Carissa--you get the bloggie award today for most comments. Very appreciated to get some feedback. I'm glad you liked the photos too. That evening was so beautiful and it kind of stuck to my spirit for several weeks afterwards. Glad you enjoyed the photos too.


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