Monday, December 29, 2008

What Santa So Generously Deposited under the Christmas Tree

Santa made an appearance early this year at my house. Around the first of December he showed up with a very big present. He said that he was making deliveries early this year and while I could enjoy my new present for the whole month of December, I had to keep my mouth shut about the gift until after Christmas. 

I know how to keep my lips zipped when necessary. 

You would too, if you liked your present as much as I like mine. And I really, really, really like what he gave me. 

This is a couch that I was generously given after my grandmother passed away. I feel lucky to have a piece and part of her life in my home. It is a gorgeous camelback sofa that sat in her living room for nearly twenty years and was the center of every conversation, visit, and excitement that transpired there. 

It has detailed wooden trim and ornately scrolled arms and curved legs. 

And at six feet long you can pack several people on it for a visit or stretch out and take a nap rather comfortably on a quiet afternoon. I slept on this couch for several days after I moved into my tiny apartment as I unpacked all the boxes stored in my bedroom and finished painting the place. 

Well, after twenty years of service the fabric on the couch was fraying on the cushions from years of love and use. In several places the fabric was getting worn to a nub. So, if I wanted this couch to have twenty more years serving as the centerpiece for every visit from friends and family, I would need to inject it with a TLC. And Santa knew that is just what I wanted. 

Here it is refurbished and updated and ready for service. 

The fabric is soft and textured and a muted green. 

The woodwork was stained a bit darker to a rich mahogany. 

And it sits beautifully in my living room ready for afternoon visits, sleepovers with the nieces and nephews and even a Sunday afternoon nap. 

Santa made one little girl very, very happy this year. 


Mary Jane said...

It looks beautiful!! Grandmother would be happy that Santa updated it for you (but she probably would have liked flowery fabric better! :) )

Kelley said...

It looks gorgeous, Eden!

Lori Sume said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!

Eden said...

Aunt Mary Jane--Thanks for approving for Grandmother. I agree she probably would have like flowery fabric better, so I hope that once I make some pillows for it, that will provide the punch and pizzaz she would love.

L & H & Q & E said...

Beautiful! It looks so much better! Wow, congrats. Which upholsterer did Santa patronize?

Eden said...

H-Actually a guy in Spanish Fork that owns a little wood restoration and upholstering shop. It is right in the ghetto of downtown and he owns an antique shop as well. Also, he is the one who redid my dining table too. Love his work.

Cissy said...

Your couch is beautiful, both in photo and in reality. It makes me want to re-cover something.


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