Monday, January 26, 2009

Conversation with a Six-Year-Old

JB was at my house yesterday and we had a little chat. As a six-year-old, she is doing her best to figure out the world and her place in it and all the anomalies that pop up in her life. I am an anomaly. I'm an adult, I'm out of college and I'm not married. Most of the other adults around her are married and have kids. I could tell her head was spinning with these realities as she came out with this particular gem the other day.

She was playing toys with her little brother and her cousin in my little living room/kitchen while I fixed them a snack. Space is tight so we have to maneuver around each other sometimes. JB seemed to be considering this issue when she spouted out this thought. 

JB: When you grow up and get big and never get married, you get to move into a tiny little apartment, not a house.

Me: Well, no, you could buy a house. I want to buy a house some day and then you will have lots more room to play when you come over. 

JB: Why don't you buy a house now?

Me: (sputtering just a bit) I'm not ready. 

JB: Lots of people get married and buy house.

Me: Yes, but not all people. 

JB: Why don't you just get married? 

Yes, why don't I? 


Kristin said...

Love it. My kids ask my questions I don't know how to answer all the time. I am glad I'm not the only one.

Eric and Rozanne said...

Isn't it funny...the perspective of kids? If it were only that easy to do everything we wanted to do? My kids just don't get it why we can't buy everything we want...just give them your card???

Lori Sume said...

Okay that is the sweetest!! i had a little child- quite a few have- asking me where my kids are- so they can play with them. When I was in the Primary presidency in my ward, one little girl, who was a sunbeam, asked me (during a lunch I was atending with her mom and another friend) where my kids were. I told her that they were all asleep in heaven...(Yah, i tend to come up with different answers since it happens a lot to me it seems.) So then the little girl seemed satisfied with my answer. So the next sunday in Primary, as i was doing Sharing Time, she looked at me, from her front row vantage point, and in a loud voice, asked me where my kids were. I was about to come up with some other answer when she suddenly burst out loud with, "Oh yah, your kids are asleep in heaven!" A few laughs from the teachers and our presidency were heard in the room. Apparently this 3 year old has a good memory and really was satisfied with my answer from a few days before.

Another favorite of mine from kids is when they are selling something door to door. You tell them that you don't have any money at the time and they come back with, "well, why don't you write a check?" Okayyyyyyy????

L & H & Q & E said...

Life is so simple at six!


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