Monday, January 12, 2009

What's for Dinner Now?

I'm doing an allergy-elimination diet for the next two months on my doctor's recommendation. I got tested for some food allergies/intolerances and it came up with a long and lovely list of potential baddies that I get to now abstain from for the next several weeks. The doc said to try it for two to six months but I say let's begin at the beginning and see where I land after eight or nine weeks.

That list of baddies includes: wheat, oats, soy, corn, peanuts, cane sugar, beet sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, MSG, preservatives and all dairy--you know, milk, cheese,  yogurt and the like.  

My response to all the good news? 

Is water the only thing left? 

I've done deprivation before and deprivation and I, well, we don't tango. I cry "uncle" when the going gets tough. I just don't like the restrictions. You even mention the word diet around here and I plunge myself head first into a vat of milk chocolate and swim for my life. 

So, here am I. Holding myself back from the edge of chocolate nirvana and attempting to eliminate all these foods for a few weeks. 

At the end of two months, I get to pick one eliminated food item and add it back into my diet for a day and then I get to wait three more days to see if I have any negative reactions to it. If not, then the food is considered okay. If I do have a reaction to it, then that food stays on the baddie list. Then I repeat that cycle for each food item. 

So, excuse me if I moan and whine and kick the floor a bit as I do this thing for the next few weeks. It's really not so bad, right? I get to eat as many veggies as I want. I get to eat almost every fruit on the planet. And chicken, fish, turkey and steak are all just fine. It's really just anything that comes in a box, bag, package, wrapper, container, can, bottle or drive-thru window that I need to stay away from. Which is really what I should be doing anyway. 

So good bye for now pb&j sandwiches, popcorn, tortillas, cheese, yogurt, chips, candy, dessert, bread, pasta, crackers, soymilk and oatmeal. Parting is such sweet sorrow. May it be but a short separation. Or if not, may I take it with good grace and a smile. 

Or if not, can I least figure out what to make for dinner and may it be goooooood


[Julie R] said...

My friend has similar allergies. She says she cooks with rice noodles a lot. I think that sound yummy! Good Luck.

Kristin said...

I don't know if you knew that Jenna has celiac disease and can't eat any gluten. She has had it for a while so if you need some ideas for glueten free dinners or recipes you should call my mom. She even makes pretty good gluten free bread. Good Luck. Me and deprivation don't get along either. : )

Eric and Rozanne said...

Won't it be nice to get to the bottom of what your allergies are though? I'd like to get back to the basics a little more but it does take more time than opening a package. I'm gonna try your spinach turkey burgers tonight. :) They sound yummy! Let us know as you come across more great recipes. I've tried rice milk, and it is very good I think.

The Puffer Family said...

Oh Eden I feel so sorry for you! When doctors say to eliminate this stuff from your diet, they make it sound so easy. I'll be praying for you. However, it does get easier after a while (if that helps at all). I have to take Sam (my second) into the allergist at the end of the month to see what else he's allergic to (he's already off all dairy). I may be just as sad as you in a few weeks. Please continue to post great recipes if you find them! =)

L & H & Q & E said...

Ugh. Does that chocolate cake you made yesterday count? I know I could live on it!

You can do it! I know you can!

Eden said...

Julie--Yes, rice noodles. Good idea. I'm only worried that the chasm between sounding good and tasting good is a one I will not be able to bridge.

Kristin--thanks for the reminder about Jenna. I have talked to her and your mom just a bit about foods but no sharing of recipes yet. I will have to ask your mom about that.

Rozanne--tell me how you like the spinach turkey burgers. I'm very interested.

Amanda--thank you! I appreciate the vote of sympathy so much. And good luck with the allergy issues in your house.

LHQE--the chocolate cake counts. Which is why I didn't even eat a drop last night. Which is exactly the kind of chocolate nirvana I was talking about holding myself back from. Glad you liked it though. It's a keeper.


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