Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Out of My Mouth

Three comments overheard today coming out of my mouth:

I LOVE my car.
Admittedly, I say this often, but I really, really love my 4WD on days like today. I even do donuts in the snow--every time I get behind the wheel in weather like this.

I had a great day at work!
Miracle, indeed. Despite 14 headache-inducing problems and long, long to-do list, I was completely energized by everything today. Please, could someone feed me this kind of magic pill every day?

I need to make him/her cinnamon rolls.
I don't make cinnamon rolls. But my mother does. I think I said this in her presence hoping she would do it for me so I could offer it to two very nice people who earned a bit of sainthood today.

  • The first is some unknown neighbor who cleared two feet of snow off the very big, very wide driveway in front of my house. We now have snow mounds the size of small mountains on each side of the driveway. You, whoever you are, are a prince among men (or a princess among women). If I were your fairy godmother I would grant you 100 wishes instead of just a measly little three. You deserve every one of them. Bless you, you good-hearted, hard-working, too-thoughtful person.
  • The second is for my intern at work. She and I had a cozy chat yesterday as we cleared out some boxes in my office. And in the midst of that little chat, I discovered someone who loves my current obsession more than me. She owns all five seasons. And then loaned me all five. God bless America. And give my intern anything she wants. FOREVER. She just made my day, my week, my month. I think she needs a raise.

This day was definitely a keeper.

P.S. Plus, I got to celebrate this cutie's birthday. It was the frosting on the cake of my day.



Carissa Rasmussen said...

jealous! my day was quite hectic. i've been playing mom to my 5 younger siblings and let me just say I'm glad they come one by one...oh and intern, where do you work? what do you do??

Eden said...

@Carissa--Wow! That's a big group to take care of! So, are you not in school this semester? Or just taking a week off to help your mom and dad?


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