Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Quiet Tuesday

I'm deep in the midst of a very big paper for school. I would like to sit and write (for my own pleasure and not for the paper) for a few hours but in the meantime, I'm enjoying reading some great writing when I have a spare moment. I only have three recommendations and it's a very eclectic mix but each of them struck me and made me grateful for the art of writing. Hope you enjoy them as well.

Finally, The Scent of the City by Molly Birnbaum in the New York Times
This piece made me ache. I love this style of writing and I love personal essays. And I would so love to be published in the New York Times.

A Plan by NieNie
The bravery of this kind of writing and sharing amazes me. Through NieNie's writing, I step into her shoes and look at the future that lays ahead of her as a burn victim. The obstacles ahead of her are enormous yet she is facing them. And she's letting us see a bit of what those obstacles look like.

Fresh Start for the New Year? Let's Begin in the Kitchen by Mark Bittman
All about simple changes you can make in the kitchen to make eating and cooking much more delectable. Some responses to this article called Bittman a bit of a snob, but I think he's trying to get us back to good tastes and true flavor. And while I may not incorporate every suggestion, I thorougly enjoyed deciding which ideas to keep and which to let go.

What have you read lately that you would recommend?

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Kristin said...

Thanks for the reading suggestions. They were a perfect wind down to my day yesterday. And I just finished reading your latest Denmark post and loved it! I had to do it in sections but I loved the detail you give and all the pictures. It was beautiful. And on the BIggest Loser, I figured the Black team were members, but I think that both of the blue team are members too. I swore I saw a picture of the SL temple in the background of one of their home shots...


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