Monday, April 20, 2009

Motivating Monday

I'm a sucker for a good success story. It's always so heartening to see someone reach for their dreams and achieve them when those dreams seem so unlikely. 

Last week Rus showed us the video of Susan Boyle on the show "Britain's Got Talent" after Sunday dinner. Her voice was amazing and I so loved her story and then she became a massive news story this past week. So, now many of you have likely seen her story, but if not, check it out. It will make you smile with joy. 

There is something so captivating about someone doing what they were born to do. It is simply a gift to watch them doing it. 

This week I'm taking finals and then I'll be out of town for several days helping a friend get ready to move. I hope to post once or twice while I'm on the road, but I'm not sure what my access to the Internet will be like so things may be quiet around here. 

Also, I never gave official stats on the chocolate vs. ice cream poll probably because I couldn't quite bring myself to admit it but even after tallying every single vote, ice cream won by ONE vote. One little vote. I was only comforted by the fact that so many of you mentioned that you what you really prefer is the combination of chocolate and ice cream together. Now, that I can begin to understand. 

So, ice cream fans enjoy your victory and sidle up to a big bowl while you watch the Susan Boyle story. One of them at least should put a smile on your face. 


L & H & Q & E said...

I saw that Susan Boyle thing a week or so ago, and wondered what the big deal is. Since when do only thin, toned, tanned, beautiful people have talent? How is it that, as a society, we've still not learned this lesson? To me, the story isn't so much about a woman who can sing -- lots of people can sing -- but a story about incredibly shallow people who, for one moment, at least, realized just how shallow they really are. I'm happy for Ms. Boyle and all, and she definitely did a great job, but, to me, the fact that a person of lesser beauty has talent is a non-story.

Eden said...

Yeah, the crowd was pretty brutal to her. It seemed like they thought she was going to turn into a joke. But her voice was so sweet. I just loved seeing her stun everyone. I think the line that caught me the most though before she sang was when Simon asked her how old she was and she said 47 and he asked her something about why she had never tried to capitalize on her voice before and she said "she had never had the opportunity" and she that is why she was there on the show, hoping for an opportunity. I love that she was 47 and going for her dream. That was completely inspiring to me. The kind of courage it takes to capitalize on your dreams--regardless of beauty or non-beauty--was a major part of her appeal to me.


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