Monday, September 29, 2008

Donating and Design

This post should have gone up a week ago.

I've mentioned before that the Internet has been booming with benefits for NieNie--the couple from Arizona that was burned in a terrible plane accident in August. Everyone seems to be doing their part to help out this little family in their time of tragedy. Even some of my own family is helping out. (I like to take credit wherever I can.)

My brother Adam and his wife, Michelle, just had their photos done by a photographer, Jonathan Canlas, who is committed to raising $10,000 for NieNie. That meant that the sitting fee he charged went straight to his donation goal. So, Adam and Michelle got some beautiful photos done and they helped out a family in need at the same time. Go, family!

Jonathan Canlas has a fabulous style and I fell in love with so many shots he did of their little family. It doesn't hurt that they all have movie-star good looks either.

Also, I wanted to highlight Michelle's blog called The Creativity Room. Michelle has a great modern, graphic style and always has ideas coming out of her ears. Her design sense is strong and authentic with a minimum of show. I love that she doesn't apologize for saving a buck but that is not her first priority either. One of my favorite stories about her is that she made her own wedding cake. She wanted it to have a certain look but wasn't really interested in eating the cake. So, she figured out how to frost some styrofoam squares and made a gorgeous-looking cake for just a few dollars. I loved that idea.

She grew up in a home with a "creativity room" in small-town Washington state, then came to Utah for college, then lived in New York; all of that geography has informed her design style. Mostly though, I think of New York when I think of Michelle. Her design is clean and cool without being utilitarian or cold. It is graphic without being imposing. And it is classic without being class-conscious.

I'm convinced that she is going to make it big soon between her marketing acumen and her creative pulse. So, go over, take a look, and enjoy yourself. You may become a fan yourself.


Christine said...

The Canlass' were in our Ward a few moons ago. His work is amazing. We should have had him take our pictures back then. And Adam and Michelle look great, as always.

Michelle said...

Eden, you are too nice! Thank you for such a nice post. I smiled when I read about the styrofoam wedding cake - it brought back fun memories. You definitely have a gift for expression. I love to read what you write!


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