Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Recipe: BBQ Sauce or BBQ Chicken

My mind seems to flit from topic to topic every day. Sometimes, I want this blog to be a food blog, other times an interior decorating blog, sometimes a personal confession blog and still other times a friends/family/fun blog. You get a view of all of these favorite topics of mine depending on the mood I am in.

And today, it's food. Good food. Food that makes you tingle in your very fingertips it hits the spot so well. I have a recipe for food like that. I haven't raved about her yet, but one of my favorite food bloggers is Elana over at I love her food, her recipes, her diet and her philosophies. I count it as great good luck that I miraculously found Elana just when I needed to find her. (Thanks for this goes to Elise at and her entry on Chicken Piccata. She linked to Elana's gluten-free version of Chicken Piccata. And thanks, goes to my sister Megan for trying out Elise's Chicken Piccata recipe which started this whole finding process!)

Anyway, I've loved Elana's site ever since that fateful day last spring and I've returned to it repeatedly for yummy, fun, healthy recipes. And one of the yummiest in my opinion is her bbq sauce. Hmmmmmm. I've made this recipe several times and I have yet to be disappointed.

And when it comes to barbecue, I'm hard to please. I've never been much of a spicy barbecue fan. I'm always hunting down more of a sweet, tomato-y barbecue sauce and no matter the extent of my searching, I have yet to find a bbq chicken that really hits the spot for me. But this recipe fits the bill to perfection for me. Last time I made it, I even substituted the freshly-squeezed orange juice for agave nectar and the recipe still came out a stunning success.

It's pretty easy to make as well. So, if you are still in the mood for barbecue, check it out.

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