Friday, September 19, 2008

New Look and Feel

So, I hit my 100th post the other day. The new look and feel is a mini-celebration of that event. Also, I wanted a wider space to share photos. Bigger photos. Better photos. More photos. I really dislike tiny photos on a site. If you are going to show me a picture, then show me a picture, don't hint at it.

And I'm in the picture-sharing mode. This new template is also in preparation for (drumroll, please!) Day 4 of the Denmark trip. I know, I know you can hardly stand the excitement. Neither can I! And the new template was integral to more Denmark posts.

So, close your eyes for a bit, cross your fingers, and hold on to your excitement. 'Cause the Denmark Chronicles will continue very shortly.


[Julie R] said...

First of I couldn't agree with you more on the whole small pictures thing. I hate the dinky pics. Secondly, how did you get the wider view. I've always wondered....please tell me :)
Congrats on the 100

Lori Sume said...

Always fun to read your writings. What a fun family you have. I appreciate Spencer being so kind to my brother and your dad and mom being so kind to my mother.


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