Wednesday, July 9, 2008

LISTENING: Feels Like Home

This is an older song but a good one. I've heard it before but it seemed to really hit me yesterday. The artist is Chantal Kreviazuk a Canadian singer/songwriter with an impressive list of songwriting credits to her name.

This is the anthem for the day. Just listen.

I've also posted some songs in a playlist on the side that have a real hook in me right now. I am not some great music aficionado. In this--as in most models in my life--I follow the feast-or-famine model. In other words, I will listen to the same music for weeks and weeks and weeks which turns into months and months and months. And finally years.

Then one day I do a big BLECH all over my music. I can't stand to listen to those songs one more time or I may pull out all the hair in my head. You know, one tiny root at a time.

Then I spend 16 consecutive hours looking for new music that doesn't make me want to do this very damaging thing to my fine, frizzy head of hair.

So, thank your lucky stars. Because I won't be bald in the near future.

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de la Hoz Family said...

okay, I love this song. I had a friend make a CD for me in highshool with this song on it. I had the CD stolen (ah roommates) in college and I could not ever find this song again. Thanks for reuniting me with it.


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