Friday, July 11, 2008

Luckiest Aunt in the World

From November 2006 to July 2007, five new nieces and nephews were born into the family. Four little boys and one baby girl. They are each and every one full of personality, spirit and joy. Each one has added a sweetness and dimension to our family that we needed and wanted. As is my prerogative as an auntie, I think they are all supremely adorable and entirely scrumptious.

We call them the Fab Five.

And in their honor, their parents purchased little soccer outfits while we were in Denmark. Each outfit bears the number "5." And a couple of weekends ago, these incredible moms got all of their little munchkins together when they all were simultaneously awake, fed, and fresh-diapered and dressed them in their outfits and took pictures. Meg was the lucky photographer.

They just make me smile.

E, B and Ay were the first to get seated.

Then M joins the camp and B and Ay swap places.

Now watch Miss E throughout the series of photos. She's the smiler in the middle and the most animated at the moment. That trait will bear out throughout the rest of the photo shoot.

N decides to make his presence felt as well. From left to right they are now positioned in birth order. M is the youngest, then E, Ay (these two were born 1 day apart), N, and B who is the de facto leader by virtue that he is the oldest of the crew by a whole three months.

Now E is signaling to M to give her some love. Come on, just a little high five. M doesn't seem quite sure of what she wants.

E can't believe she's been shunned by M. She starts to take him to task. N hears the commotion at the other end of the line and leans in for a better look. B too is a bit perturbed at all the ruckus incited by these rabble rousers.

Okay, okay, all is forgiven. E gives M a bit of a head rub just to let him know that she realizes he still is a bit young yet and may not have grasped her "give me five" sign. Ay, well, he's the little peacemaker and is just happy that any wild fights have now been averted. N has simply lost interest in what "the little kids" are doing, but B is giving them props for working it all out.

E decides to engage the rest of the crew. "What do you think, guys? Let's put on our best smiles here and really get this photo shoot going," she seems to be saying. Ay is only too happy to oblige.

So, M, E, and Ay are in on the game but they haven't yet recruited the big boys, N and B, to the wisdom of their plan.

Still no love from the big boys. I think they are holding out for . . . better binkies? more time with Mom? additional cool outfits like the red soccer uniforms?

Ay feels all this smiling has gone on long enough. He makes a break for it, hoping against hope that the magical shot has been captured.

But no! Ay is returned to his spot in the group and now M looks for his chance to make an escape. E is just thrilled to be in the limelight and wants the boys to get their acts together. B just looks confused at all the hubbub.

So, they take a break from the frontal view. And there's a few shots of them all lined up with their #5 jerseys. You can see how valiantly the moms are trying to keep these little ones happy and enthused through this whole experience.

And finally, a shot where some are smiling and they are at least all paying attention to the task at hand.

The thing I think when I look at this picture is "I get to kiss every one of those yummy chubby cheeks!"

It's the best auntie job in the world.


Rus said...

Cute stinkin kids. I wasn't there for that experience but have now been able to "live" it thanks to your detail.

[Julie R] said...

Oh my goodness Eden. I loved this post. I think if I'm ever having a bad day I will come re-read this post because i couldn't help but smile ear to ear and be filled with warm fuzzys.

Christine said...

How adorable. Elle is definitely the social one of the group!

Meg said...

Loved it. I was giggling the whole time!

Meg said...

I'd also like to point out the little brownie on the right -- I love that he got his Daddy's skin.

Cissy said...

That was too cute. Will they still be as hilarious when we make them line up in 10 years?

William Noetling said...

Very, very cute.

Cheryl said...

Eden - how adorable! I am jealous you all live near by and get to kiss all those chubby little cheeks! I love the pictures, I was laughing the whole time, love your commentary as well. I miss your family!

Eden said...

Rus--You gotta love them!

Julie--Glad you liked the post. I'm tickled it made you laugh.

Christine--Elle is very social. She certainly keeps the boys on their toes.

Meg--Your little brown boy is too, too yummy.

Cissy--Maybe not hilarious when we make them line up in 10 years but certainly an adventure. Isn't Naite super cute in these photos? The only thing I'm sorry about is that we missed his real live GRIN. He is such a keeper.

Will--You've got a a pretty cute munchkin in your house too and I'm sure you understood the difficulty in getting them all looking in the same direction at this age. It was priceless.

Cheryl--Well, let's just say that living near by certainly come with its perks. Tell you what though, the next few kisses and cuddles for Benson will be from you too. Your Luke is certainly a delicious little bundle himself.


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