Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bicycle Built for Two

Congratulations to Katy and Barrett. You've really started the ride of your lives.


Meg said...

What a great picture! Kate in a wedding dress on a bike...classic!

manders said...

Your blog is great. I loved the commentary on your "luckiest aunt in the world" post. You really are lucky - those kiddos are all so adorable. And your dinner party to-do list was hillarious as well.

Thanks for keeping me entertained while I "work". I'll be checking in often, I am sure!

Eden said...

Meg--Yes, definitely classic Katy. I'd love to post a whole bunch of photos of the wedding. I still may if I can get clearance.

Amanda--I'm so glad you came by. It is such a treat that you have your own blog too. I agree I'm a very lucky aunt and I'm so thrilled with each of the 17.


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