Monday, July 14, 2008

Le 14 Juillet

Le 14 juillet, otherwise known Bastille Day in the English-speaking world, is celebrated today. Clotilde over at Chocolate and Zucchini reminded me of this important day. I think we can safely liken it to our 4th of July in America--at least the celebration, fireworks and color scheme all seem similar. And most importantly the celebration of freedom.

I did say in my header that I like many things French and I've been a bit lax about exploring that side of my loves and interests lately. Pardonnez-moi?

So in order to get a flavor of what Bastille Day is all about read Clotilde's post about it from a couple of years ago. She talks about some of the traditions of this day and also its lack of food traditions.

Clotilde was my very, very first blog read. As I remember it, when I first heard about blogs they were mentioned in the same paragraph as Clotilde's site, Chocolate and Zucchini. She was a French woman living in America at the time she started her food blog and she has since relocated back to Paris but she still writes in English on her site. I knew I would like this woman right away just by the name she gave her blog. She combined two images in just a few words that mirrored some of my own interests--decadence and health.

So, enjoy a little taste of France today. I swear some day I'm going to live in that country.

For now though, I've just got to visit it more often. And really, really, really improve my miniscule grasp of the oh-so-lovely language.

J'aime la langue francaise mais je ne parle pas bien.

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L&H&Q&E said...

I would have loved to have another Bastille Day shindig this year, but it wasn't a possibility. Maybe next year!


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