Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Can I Live There?

I'm sure like me you've seen certain movies and thought "I wish I could live in that house." The first movie I ever remember thinking that with was The Father of the Bride. I especially loved the dining room and entry way in this house. I saw that movie again just a few months ago and I still thought that. I think it whenever I happen across Father of the Bride II as well. I also thought it with the English cottage in The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. And I really, really thought it with the movie Something's Gotta Give starring Diane Keaton.

Can I please have the desk above? Pretty, pretty, pleeeeeeaaaaazzzzzzze?

That's what I say to the universe whenever I see this movie. Then if I get the desk, can I have the house just built all around it?? And the furnishings, the clothes, the beach . . . Wait, I think you get the picture.

So, I saw an article in the Washington Post last winter about the obsession that the house in Something's Gotta Give has inspired and I realized, I am not alone. Other people, really, really liked this house too (better than the movie) and they actually have the money to do something about it.


That house has generated all kinds of business for interior decorators, rug manufacuturers, clock makers, and textile designers. That is quite a house.

So, what is it about this house that has inpsired so much longing? I'm not entirely sure. For me it seems to be a relaxed, elegant, comfortable kind of house to live in. And we Americans certainly take our relaxation and comfort very, very seriously. For a designer to be able to capture that love of all things casual with a decided twist of elegance, well, that seems to take a certain degree of panache, don't you think?

All of that is just to say that wiser heads than mine have broken down the specifics of this house and its allure with details galore. And I just ran across a great website and a great post that gives full attention to the myriad aspects of the design that make this particular house so appealing. Cote de Texas is a blog by Joni, a designer who specializes in French interiors in Texas. She has a special affinity for the Something's Gotta Give house and she pays close attention to every rug, pillow and painting.

So, take a stroll over there and peruse a bit. And let me know if it inspires the same kind of desperate, unshakeable longing inside of you too. Then we can both start asking the universe, pretty, pretty, pleeeeeeaaaazzzzzzze?


Cote de Texas said...

Great post - you know that I love it!!!!! thanks for the shout out too!!!!


L&H&Q&E said...

You are so right. I learned the art of movie house longing from my mother, who has built a number of custom homes and is incapable of watching anything without commenting on the architecture or decor. You've pinpointed some of my absolute faves here. BTW: the reason my wedding colors were white and cream (with touches of pink and cafe au lait) was because you get a great shot of the table in the opening scene of "Father of the Bride" and I loved it terribly. So elegant. Great post!


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