Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dinner Party Menu

My very dear, good friend is getting married tomorrow. In her honor and as a last hurrah, we had a little dinner party at my house the other night. This is a friendship that has been built on food, discussions of food, theories about food, and experimentation with food. We are friends by great good luck and food is our favorite friendship currency. 

So, this was the menu put together by four cooks:

Wild salmon with lemon herb
Barbecue chicken
Spinach salad with roasted pistachios, dried cranberries and a mustard vinaigrette dressing
Wild rice
Lime-sweetened honeydew 
Fresh blueberries
Baby peas sauteed with pine nuts and pearl onions

Fresh-squeezed lemonade
Herbal iced tea

Vanilla coconut cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting

It was a night to remember. 

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