Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where Have You Been?

I posted five--that's right, FIVE--posts today. They are all retain the original date that I wrote them, so it looks like I wrote a bunch of blog entries and then randomly backdated them.

Not so.

I had not posted anything in nearly three weeks but that doesn't mean I wasn't writing. I just wasn't finishing what I was writing.

So, today, I just coasted through each of those entries and did a bit of spit and polish and ta-da! Now it looks like I've been a much more consistent blogger than I have been. Let's just say I want to maintain appearances.

So, read them and weep, people. Read them and weep. (Just wanted to give you a sense of the high drama they contain. You know, because fuzzy tennis balls, bad architecture, and my reading list all have the makings of great art within them.)


Christine said...

Thank you for clarifying. I was begining to think my google reader had been failing me.

Eden said...

Christine--and thank YOU for actually taking the time to read and comment. It makes me feel like at least my voice isn't just echoing out there in the deep, wide universe.


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