Saturday, August 9, 2008

Feeling Inspired

I saw this house from House Beautiful at the other day and I fell in love, just like the blog author, Melissa Michaels. I especially love the dining room which is image #5 in the the post. Something about a round table and cozy arm chairs pulled up to the table made this room a hit for me.

Melissa Michaels has a beautiful site with lots of other photos that offer inspiration for your own house. Don't miss Melissa's before/after of her house, as well as the family beach house that they are remodeling. Looking at great pictures like this is akin to eating chocolate to me, so get ready for a rich delight.

I also found the house that Ms. Michaels blogged about on the House Beautiful website. My favorite dining room is image #4 in this set. I want to throw a dinner party today in this beautiful space.

I've always felt a bit guilty about my attraction to gorgeous spaces. Like I should be thinking about more important things or doing more important things. But no more. To me, a beautiful room is like a great painting, an exquisite bunch of flowers, or even the sunset over the mountains after a rainy day. And beauty like this needs no explanation.


Christine said...

Beautiful home. You have such good taste. Would you like to come decorate my naked house? I really need to get some window treatments up.

L & H & Q & E said...

Ooooooooh. Thanks for this. This site is now one of my favorites. Her house is almost exactly my taste!!


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