Monday, August 11, 2008

Who Moved My Couch?

Remember how I have some hard-working and very strong brothers? Well, here they are in action at my house last Saturday moving a couch for me that has been overtaking my storage room for the last year.

It was here when I moved in last year and I didn't want it but there was no other place for it to go but my storage room. Thanks to their ingenuity, they turned it on it end and stuffed it into a corner of the storage room. It's been sitting there all this time, just eating up very valuable space in my very tiny space. I'm so happy that we could now unstuff it and move it to the apartment next door.

What am I talking about we? I did none of the heavy lifting of the couch, but I sure appreciate every muscle that was on exhibit as they did it for me.

And finally, it is out of my house and out of my hair and I have more room! Lots more room. Room that makes me giddy with delight.

Now, if I can just find the time to finish reorganizing the space. Hopefully, that will happen this week.

But I would not be in this lucky, lucky position of reorganizing if I didn't have so much excellent help. Thank you to my big, strong, amazing, selfless brothers (Spencer, you are one of them) for all of the hard work. You moved my couch and you made my Saturday morning so much brighter.

Here are the men (with some of their adorable munchkins in tow). And let me acknowledge too that my two other fabulous brothers, Ric and Brock, would have been there too if they could have been. Let's just say I feel well-loved surrounded by all this testosterone.

Rus giving little Natie some love. This kid has got to be one of the smiliest, happiest little guys I've been around. He's got this ear-splitting grin that he just beams at you and you can't help grinning back.

Adam and Matt taking a break after doing the heavy lifting.

Rus (who can NEVER look serious for a photo) and Spencer giving me a smile.

Little Miss Elle who joined her daddy on this expedition. As long as she is not far from him, she is okay. But when Daddy had to move the couch she was not happy that I picked her up. She and her daddy have a special bond.

Dallin who talked more than the rest of the males combined. We love this sweet boy because he articulates whatever thought pops into his three-year-old brain. He kept us laughing.

Adorable, chubby-cheeked, delicious Natie. He has such an easy-going presence.

Natie and Elle decided to test out the jumping capabilities of the couch. Nate was showing Elle the ropes here.

While Dallin climbed in the firewood box. He decided it was his own special cubby.

And he even posed for a photo. Several times.

When Elle tried to jump on the couch, it was a bit bouncier than she expected and threw her into the air. This frightened her a bit and was not according to plan.

So, she ended up back in Daddy's arms for a bit of reassurance. (We all need some of that most days.)

I thought as they all left that no matter what is happening--moving a couch, fixing a light, helping me move locations--whenever my brothers are around, it seems like a party is happening.

Thanks, guys, for making my day.


Ward said...

Come on. 4 "he men" to move a couch? You must have bribed them with some cookies.

Ward said...

Come on. 4 "he men" to move a couch? You must have bribed them with some cookies.

Lori Sume said...

That is so sweet that your brothers are always there for you. You are lucky.

de la Hoz Family said...

So, did someone you know move in next to you?, Did you move?

Christine said...

What will you do with all that extra space. Looks great!


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