Saturday, August 2, 2008

If You Start Them Young

This was my house Friday evening. Three kids, one mother and me. They had just read the scriptures for a bit, they were about to have prayer and the kids were going to be tucked in their beds. But the kids were a bit restless and not quite ready to go to sleep. So, what did the mommy do? 


Yes, at 9:00 pm my little place was looking a bit like a yoga studio with everyone (except me--had to take pictures, you know) doing "up dog" and "down dog."  I wondered where else the world a mother was leading her crew in such an activity. 

But lucky me, I got to witness it. My dear, sweet friend Amy is here visiting for a few weeks and I'm thrilled to get to host her and her three munchkins at my house for part of that time. Amy and her husband live in Massachusetts and it has been far too long since she and I have been sharing the same physical space. 

It just makes me smile.

We've been friends for over ten years. We met when we were young, idealistic and full of dreams. Now were both a bit bruised from life's challenges and far less dreamy. But we still like to sit and really chew into our lives and thoughts and come up with "world peace." It is just so much more fun to do face to face than over the phone. 

So, to three-hour chat fests, cooking excellent food together, and Friday-night yoga. Friends are such a gift. 

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Aunt Mary Jane said...

Cute family! I'm so glad she's come to visit you. Would you like me to come and bring my brood? Okay, don't answer that!! Keep posting...I'm living vicariously through you!!


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