Monday, August 25, 2008

Bathing Beauty

I saw this bathroom over at The Inspired Room and it is exactly my type of room. Check out the blog for more beautiful bathing spaces.

Reasons I love this space:
  • Yellow--can't get enough of this color in my life
  • Thick, gorgeous, white moldings around every door, window and ceiling. I'm obsessed with white, detailed woodwork
  • Who can resist a free-standing, clawfoot tub? Lovely.
  • The chandelier. Just enough decadence to make me smile.
  • The leaded glass window. Perfect.

Just a punch of beauty that made me smile today.


manders said...

Wow! That is a beautiful bathroom! I, too, am a fan of the thick white moldings. And the bathtub is also to die for! Someday, Eden, someday!!!

Eden said...

Amanda--when someday comes for you let me know. With our duo love of gorgeous moldings, I will want to see what you have done about it. And I will do a show and tell too. In the meantime, I collect these kind of photos so when the day does arrive, I will be prepared.


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