Monday, August 4, 2008

That's What Friends Are For

I'm still deep in the land of visiting friends and post-wedding hype. Here is a photo of two of the best people I know: Katy and Amy. Can you believe I am friends with sisters? I'm lucky enough to have a relationship with both of these girls and a connection between all three of us. I think it speaks to the great hearts they both have and the warmth and affection they exude that they have both opened their arms to me. They are, of course, very different and indiviual women but they have similarities in thought or action that are striking at times.

I want this time/celebration/vacation to continue for a long, long time. Why can't I live permanently on little sleep, disrupted routine and excellent long chats? Kate's wedding was over a week ago now, but she and I finally went to lunch and reconnected after the hectic few weeks approaching the wedding. We broke down the entire experience and if it is what she imagined and wanted and came away with a resounding "yes!" Kate is happy with her beautiful day and her new husband and I'm thrilled for her.

And Amy and I have been chatting through several days of feeding children, cleaning up after children and entertaining children. We just couldn't take it any longer and stayed up most of last night to make sure we hit every major and important topic of discussion that had so far not been covered. I only wish it could have gone on longer.

I guess I'm just feeling rich and full and happy. I've seen one friend step into a brand-new life and I've spent some serious quality time reconnecting with the other who is in the midst of a very busy life. They have both enriched my life so much and I've spent a lot of time the last several days realizing how grateful I am for their influence, love, warmth and candor.

I'm just going to enjoy every moment I have while this little party continues.

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