Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Can Breathe Here

On Sunday I went out to Amy's parents' house to spend the evening with her. It's a lovely thirty-minute drive that takes me from the east side of our valley to the west side to a mountain peak appropriately dubbed "West Mountain."

The last half of the drive is deep in farm country. There's a particular point where I make a turn and leave the busy, clogged freeway behind and turn on to a country road with a pasture on one side and a cultivated field on the other side. That is when I take a very big breath. It's like something relaxes deep down inside my chest and a constrictions clears and I can turn myself towards peace and tranquility.

From that point on I pass lots of barns, some chicken farms and orchards.

And these views.

Then I reach my friend's parents' home and walk out on their balcony to see these views.

Can you name that peak? One of my favorite in the world.

I sat on the porch on this late Sunday afternoon and soaked in these views and felt refreshed and uplifted. There is some serious yin and yang in my soul when it comes to city or country living. I love the convenience, centrality, and comfort of city living, but whenever I hit the country I breathe more freely, I pause and listen more intently and I feel renewed by nature. I just want both of those gifts in ONE location.

In the meantime, I have to makes room for wide-open spaces in my life. And views like this. Otherwise, I go a little crazy.

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Aunt Mary Jane said...

Next time, take me!!


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