Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Prejudiced Play

I've watched three bad movies in the last few days, eaten more popcorn than should be allowed by law, and went to our town's version of In-N-Out Burger and got two orders of wild fries (loaded with fried onions and mustard sauce).

It's been a tough week.

Jenny's big scene on stage. My camera did not take great shots and this was the least fuzzy one I could find. Jenny is the woman in the middle.

The only highlight so far has been seeing my gorgeous little nieces, their easily-embarrassed teenage brother, and my beautiful sister-in-law Jenny all star in the local stage presentation of Pride and Prejudice. Jenny's brother has posted some photos of the stars of the show as well as several sets of rehearsal photos if you want to see everyone in action.

Abby, Paige and Maxwell right after the close of the show.

We had a great time watching the show and we cheered extra loud whenever any of our relatives or (relatives of relatives) were on stage. My only wish was that we could have seen more of them. I'm just prejudiced enough to believe that they are some of the best talent on stage. (Some people just oooooze with it.)

Maxwell cracking a smile just for me

All of the cast worked extra hard and put in loads of time (this is an all-volunteer production) and they should be applauded for that effort alone.

Abby and her cousin Zoe

One of my favorite moments of the play occurred when Mr. Bingley finally proposes to Jane Bennet at the end. Immediately afterwards, the music swelled and Jane and Bingley broke into song. It threw us into fits of laughter because the moment was so over-the-top romantic.

Paige with Jenny who is out of costume but still in hair and makeup.

Jenny had an funny song and played Mrs. Hurst with flair and her brother played a dashing Wickham (They are some of those talent-oozing people). I can't wait to see more of both of them in future shows.

And of course, some of my favorite people to watch were the nieces and nephews whenever they were on stage. Paige is so full of energy that she bursts on to stage and bubbles over with excitement the whole time. Abby seems utterly enamored with the entire playmaking process and might just have a future on the stage. And Maxwell, in true teen fashion, is thrilled to be there but does his best to appear nonchalant and unaffected.

It was a great evening under the stars.


Christine said...

I've been wondering when you were going to see this and blog about it. I really enjoyed seeing it too.

What were the 3 bad movies you saw so the rest of us can avoid them? But if you get movie popcorn along with the flick it is hard to not enjoy it.

Eden said...

Christine--these were not new movies, they were DVDs. And I say bad because none of them were stellar performances in my mind--Just Like Heaven, Catch and Release and I don't remember the other one. I was obviously looking for some romance in my life.

The popcorn was not movie popcorn it was microwave popcorn and it was the sole contributor to my diet for about 48 hours. That's why there was way too much of it.


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