Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Retrospective 2006 and 2007

I hope this Halloween is a happy one for all of you. This is just a look back over the past two years with a surprise at the end. I love all the costumes and fun on this big day. To dress up as your favorite character and eat all the candy you can? A child's dreamland. Here are some of my favorite munchkins dressing up on this big day.

The Entire Crew in 2006 and 2007

All the n&ns (with a few friend thrown in), 2006

All of the n&ns and Cassie (except the 5 babies), 2007

The 6 nieces, 2007. The nephews are nearly double their numbers.

Nine of the 11 nephews, 2007. Missing are baby A who was tired and out of his costume at this point, and baby M who lived in St. George.

Ric & Tami's kids

Ric & Tami's kids, 2006

Ric & Tami & kids, 2007

Rus & Jenny's kids

You gotta love Elvis in this one. 2006

Look how much Maxwell has grown! 2007

Adam & Michelle & baby

This little flapper looks like her Mama, but she did get her Daddy's smile, 2007.

The flapper family, 2007. Although we aren't quite sure what happened to Daddy's costume.

Matt & Cissy & kids

Matt & Cissy, 2006 (notice Cissy is just showing with baby #4--it's important later)

Matt & Cissy, 2007. I think Matt is going as a golfer every year.

Meg & Spence's kids

Meg & Spence's kids, plus the little one is their cousin Connor, 2006

Meg with kids, 2007

Brock & Julie

Dressed up for a 2006 Halloween party. Guess who won best costumes?

In St. George with yummy baby M, 2007.

Prego la Prega and the Wee Ones

Halloween 2006, Meg, Tami, Michelle, Charlene. I got this photo under duress (Meg's). She would deliver two days later. Also, Cissy had just left before this photo, (remember how I told you to pay attention to her bump earlier?) but we had Meg's sister-in-law Charlene there who was also expecting.

The mommies and wee ones, 2007. Baby M and Mama Julie are also part of the group but live a few hours away.

Party Food in 2007

Adam with witches' brew (dry ice and rootbeer)

Spider in the food! Spider in the food!

Or more correctly, spider web in the food!

Eyeballs served chilled.

Great Costumes, 2007

Cissy and Michelle in 2007. Both of them totally rocking their outfits. I'd dress up each year too if I turned out this cute. And can you beat the chubby-cheeked ones they are each holding? A tiny pumpkin and a little flapper? Too cute.

The Adult Clan, 2007

Most of the adults, 2007 (missing Brock, Julie & Cassie)

Some of Those Same Adults Back in the Day

Halloween, circa 197?

Green pajamas just for fun!

Happy Halloween to all you revelers in 2008!


Eric and Rozanne said...

Awesome Halloween pictures! I especially loved the surprise at the end. I remember right where that piano was in your Burley house.

Lori Sume said...

Okay..very fun halloween memories!

Aunt Mary Jane said...

Is Cissy pregnant? Is that why you kept referring to her bump? I'll assume so unless you tell me otherwise.

Goose said...

MJ, you didn't read the post very closely. She was pregnant but wasn't included in the "pregnant" lady picture but was then shown in the post delivery picture with her baby.

Love the green PJs

Eden said...

Uncle Ward--thanks for clearing that up. Yes, I was just pointing out Cissy's bump b/c she wasn't in the photo of the prego ladies. So, no as far as I know she is not pregnant.

But someone else is! I can't share who yet, but look at the myfamily site. Should be coming soon!

Cissy said...

Heck no.


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