Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Snacking

We've had a little tradition going on around here at Eden's Garden that makes a simple Sunday special. 

It happens after church when some of the n&ns (nieces and nephews) come over to my house for snacks. 

It is usually for only about an hour before our family's big Sunday dinner but they plunder my stock of toys and critique the snacks.  The castle in the background there was one of my favorite toys to play with at my grandmother's house when I was little and it continues its reign as a favorite at my house.

The jockeying for position around the snack bowl is very important. We've found that a circle works best. And some of them take their position in that circle very seriously. 

Hopefully, what we end up with is a few minutes of pleasure and lots of imaginative play. 

And the most make-believe usually comes from my side when I get to pretend for just a few short minutes each week that these little cherubs are all mine. 


Rus said...

Hey! How come I don't get invited over for snacks? I like to sit in circles too you know.

Lori Sume said...

very cute photos.

Cissy said...

Thanks for giving me a peek at what those munchkins are doing every week. And, thank heavens for aunts!


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