Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Playing Tag

I've been tagged by both Kelley and Lori, so I'm playing along today, folks. So, perk up, pay attention, and then respond with oohs and aaahs, 'cause I'd like to believe you are actually interested. And, while the tags are a bit different, I'm going with the shorter one. 

6 TV Shows I Watch
Biggest Loser, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Divine Design, Eli Stone, Jon and Kate plus 8

6 Restaurants I Like:
Bajio’s, Citrus Grill, Chef’s Table, Kneaders (love the chicken al mondo salad), Happy Sumo, PF Chang's

6 Things That Happened Yesterday
  • Listened to an awesome devotional at BYU on election matters by Robert P. George, a law professor at Princeton University (you can listen to it here)
  • Talked about the election with coworkers
  • Had staff meeting
  • Worked on setting up my new iMac at work
  • Went visiting teaching with Holly and had a great conversation
  • Made my favorite, easy smoothie for dinner

6 Things I'm Looking Forward to:
  • Finishing organizing my study
  • Recovering my couch
  • Getting my iMac fully functional at work
  • Doing a family assessment for class
  • Finishing my Denmark posts
  • Being my own biggest loser

6 Things on My Wish List:
  • Get a new phone/iPhone or new phone and a iPod touch
  • Go see Meg Hilty and Eden Espinoza in Wicked in LA before it closes in January
  • Go see my friend Amy for a nice, long visit
  • Get my degree in therapy
  • Get a headboard & dresser for my bedroom
  • Getting married and having babies

6 People I Will Tag:
Cissy, Megan, Julie, Rus, Kristin, Uncle Ward


Megan said...

oooohhh, aaaaahhhh, oooohhhh, aaaaahhh. Just kidding. You know I loved it. If only I had a Lynn brain and could come up with clever things to say.

Eden said...

Oh, Meggie, I can count on you. Thanks for the ooohs and the aaahs. And don't we all wish we were Lynns when we write?

Lori Sume said...

Your comments made me think of more comments i would add to mine.


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