Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What to Do, What to Do

I seem to have a high level of popularity with Miss G recently. Enough that whenever I stop by her house for a moment she either wants to know if I'm staying or if she can come with me wherever I'm going. I'm totally flattered by this four-year-old adoration and she has been my little buddy over the last several days. 

The other day she was with me at my house when I started pulling out the Halloween decorations. I have a scary Halloween door knocker that swells with a spooky crescendo when you push its button and G could not leave it alone. We listened to scary door knocker over and over and over and over and over again while G proclaimed every time she was "not scared of the scary noise." 

As a distraction technique, we started chatting about Halloween night when we use the scary door knocker and what other spooky things you might see or hear on Halloween night. G mentioned witches and I started reciting "Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble" in my cackliest witch voice. She stared at me through this little recitation and said "What you doing?" like I had suddenly turned certifiable and ought to be committed. When I told her I was using my witch voice to say a spell just like witches do on Halloween night, she responded with "I not scared of your scary voice" and then proceeded to make me recite the spell over and over and over again. By the end of the afternoon my house looked a bit more Halloween-y and we had doubled and toiled lots of fire and caldrons. 

[Now, heads up. This is where the shameless advertisement comes in.] 

I found this Witches' Spell and other great fall activities on RedRoko, a new blog with ideas for fun ways to spend time with your wee ones. Each activity is broken into 15 minute or 1 hour time segments and they are categorized under Know It, Make It, Play It and Read It headings. In other words, need a great idea for a Halloween book to read to your kids? Or want to make a pumpkin smoothie for family night? Or ever had your kids ask you "Why do the leaves change color?" each fall? Well, on RedRoko you can find answers to kid questions, yummy treats they might like and ideas for doing fun things with kids when you are fresh out of ideas of your own.

And who knows, you might even know some of the authors over there. :)   

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The flying monkey clan said...

That is hilarious. Just yesterday. I was talking to Daniela about cauldrons. I started to recite the famous spell, and she too was confused. I told her about it and then proceeded to recite it again. She thought I was very strange. Good to know that I am not the only one.


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