Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The House List

I'm sharing something that seems a bit vapid and shallow, but I'm sharing it anyway!
I don't know why it seems vain to me to worry about these things--I think I should be thinking about our economic crisis or the rape victims in the Congo or someone in my own neighborhood who needs me. Yet, I realize at the same time that all things must be in their proper order and it is all right to think about my home sometimes too. 

Do you have a list of all the things you want to do to your house or add to your house or ways to make your house more comfortable? I call mine my "house list" and it jumps to the forefront of my brain every few months and then recedes into the abyss as other matters take precedence. 

Currently, my house list has my attention. 

So, here it is. Do any of your lists sound like this? 

1. New bookcase (mission accomplished)
2. Headboard for my bed (really, I want a sleigh bed, I just don't know if my tiny bedroom could accommodate such a thing.)
3. Recover my couch
4. New chairs for my dining table
5. Linen cupboard
6. Dresser
7. Piano 

 And of course the icing on the cake

8. Macbook
9. Laserjet duplex printer
10. new phone (dare I say and iPhone?)

Now, I can't even begin to imagine how long this list might look if I had a bigger house. Likely it would be a bit longer. And if I had children? Even longer than that. I certainly feel that I am in the acquiring stage of my life right now. I guess the hope is that even though I am in the acquiring stage, I can be peaceful, happy, and grateful regardless of what is on my house list or not. In other words, my state of happiness is not directly affected by what I'm planning, shopping and hoping for someday. 

Now that we've dealt with all the psychological/emotional issues behind my list, let me update you on two recent improvements in my house. Some of you asked for a photo of the new bookcase so, here it is:

It's white, it's 33 inches wide and it is 72 inches tall. And it is everything I hoped for. Plus, it fit in the space without a smidgen of room to spare. Altogether, perfect.

Here are the two other bookcases. Now, unless you begin to believe that I have lots of extra room, let me add that I'm not finished filling up the shelves with all of my books just yet. So, they will all be plenty full. 

And in other furniture news, something I promised over several weeks ago and finally is here.

My favorite dining table has been refurbished!

Look at those sleek, elegant lines. I took it to a sweet wood refinisher down south and he told me that my table is mahogany and from the 1930s. The best part is he fixed everyone of those curved, broken legs. 

That is why they don't make tables with curved legs like this much anymore because one overgrown child climbs on the table or you put too many boxes on the table and snap goes the leg. 

I didn't realize it but all four of the legs had been broken. So, he lovingly fixed them all for me and my table came back in mint condition. 

I love it. These two recent additions to the household are likely the reason the house list is at the forefront of my mind. I'll just keep chipping away it. And I'll share any of my recent additions or completions with you. 


L & H & Q & E said...

I love your new bookcase! But -- is it in a closet?

Eden said...

Oh, yes. it is in a closet. You will have to come and see sometime. There was no other place for it, but it is in the study and I needed it, so it had to fit in that closet space.

Kelley said...

GORGEOUS table, Eden! My Mom collects antiques, and she would be CRAZY jealous!

And let me tell you, your list isn't anywhere NEAR as long as mine! Seems as though just as soon as we get one thing ticked off, we add another one to the list! It's never ending.

I just had to give you a MacBook endorsement. We just got one last week, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's my first Mac, and I'm completely converted. And the customer service I've received from Apple has been beyond my imagination. We are THRILLED with our purchase. Just thought if you needed one, I'd give you a quick little review!

PS: Your photography of the table is impressive, as well! Very talented!

Eric and Rozanne said...

Eden, I love your table! It is so beautiful and unique! What a treasure you found. I can relate to you list. With us getting ready to move into a new house, our list is getting quite long. Now it's a question of how to prioritize.

Eden said...

Kelley--Thanks on the photography. I was trying to get a new angle. Also, tell your mom this find is going to be a great antique story for me. I'm sure she will appreciate it, if she loves antiques so much herself.

Rozanne--I can imagine your list is getting very long with a new house. I'm amazed at how much work it has taken to get my little place into ship-shape order. I'm excited for you and your family to move in.


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