Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Just a couple of things that have made me laugh the last few days. 

This is not the funny part, but I've been following the story of Stephanie and Christian Nielson mostly on her sister Courtney's blog. Courtney writes poignantly about many aspects of this trial, but she is also a character and doesn't take herself too seriously. 

Which is why I love this video (scroll down the post) on her blog of Courtney singing with Mindy Gledhill an LDS artist who is performing a benefit concert this weekend in Mesa for the Nielsons. Well, Miss Gledhill is visiting Courtney's family and she and Courtney make a video of them singing "Smile." All I can say is Courtney has verve and nerve that I shall never possess. And she certainly knows how to sell a song with her heart and soul. :) 

Also, I don't want you to miss this haircut story and its follow-up from a blogger named Christie that I just happened by a couple of weeks ago. Christie writes about her life, her kids, and even her embarrassing moments and she does it with great observational humor. 

Mostly, these bloggers reminded me to laugh out loud today. And I love those kind of reminders.

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Lori Sume said...

It is good to laugh for sure!


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