Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I totally agree with this post from yesterday over at It is from Courtney and Nie's sweet brother Andrew and it is all about the importance of touch and how touch is essential to our health, our well-being and our spiritual lives. I couldn't agree more. I think one reason I felt so healthy and well on my mission was because we were always hugging, holding and wrapping our arms around someone. That kind of touch alone is healing. And powerful. And needed.

I would classify my family as pretty touchy lovey. Not necessarily always with each other, but definitely high on the list of essential daily needs. This weekend, Brock and Julie were talking about the book Five Lanugages of Love and we were all telling each other what our language of love is. Meg mentioned that physical touch was high on her list and Brock said, "Yeah, that's easy, 'cause you are one of us" meaning a part of our family. Our clan certainly thrives on wrapping arms around each other and a big kiss on the cheek. And we all recognize that love hunger in each other.

Really it seems important to everyone. So, if you have a moment today don't forget to love on someone today. You both may feel better afterwards.

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Lori Sume said...

Thanks for the reminder. I love hugs!


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